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Words to live by from yours truly...

I'm not a drunk- I'm a booze enthusiast.  Live it, love it.

Love is a temple, love the higher law...

I miss the days when "One" was a song about romantic love and not some political and humanitarian anthem.  When I listen to it in the comfort of my car, I feel all wistful and I get this sense of longing in my heart, but when I think about hearing it live, I can only think of humanitarian rights and such.  There's nothing wrong with that, but I just miss the original "one".


How you gonna top yourself when there is nobody else?  How you gonna do it by yourself cuz I'm not gonna be here to help you?  How you gonna do it alone when I don't pick up my phone?  I'd love to give a dog a bone, but I'm not gonna stick around to help you.


I think I finally understand the meaning of the word "sacrifice".  I mean, I really get it.  It's when you're willing to give up or take on something you never thought you would without any retribution so that someone you love and care for so deeply can have what they truly want, need and deserve. 

Meeting U2

So this is pretty long and if you don't care that I met Bono, don't bother reading.  He's my idol, so this is pretty detailed haha!  Also, please forgive any major errors in spelling or grammar...I finished it on the plane to AZ and haven't really taken a second look at it! Posting this for Cara mostly and anyone else who cares!

Given a chance, I'm gonna be somebody...Collapse )

Some phenomenal tennis...

Roger!  Come ON!  That was so fantastic!!!!!!!  

If he keeps playing like this, he'll breeze to the finals and take that shit home like he bought it at the store. 


My prediction?  Federer def. Gonzalez in 4 sets.

And you can dream, so dream out loud...

Happy 49th birthday, Mr. Paul David Hewson!  You are still a sexy beast and you're a wonderful person, and don't let the bastards grind you down!!
I'm at my dad's in Minneapolis for the week, and he has a new 50,000 inch HD TV with some channel called PAlladia..and it's showing Glastonbury 2008 performances, and right now, with his surround sound on, I feel like I'm there at the show.  The Verve is playing and it's AMAZING.

I am never leaving. 

Jan. 25th, 2009

I can't believe Jelena Jankovic is out.  Seriously.  Jankovic, Ivanovic, Williams...all of these top seeds are getting knocked out in the early rounds!  WTF?

Dear Bruce and E Street...

My family and I have been following you and the band since 1977. We have seen you on numerous occasions at Giants Stadium, the Arena and Madison Square Garden. We are now very disheartened with you that you have become so political. I do not feel that the two go hand and hand. Such political views should not be forced upon on the youth of this country. You are now fast becoming one of Hollywoods Elite. This is not where your roots lie.

My family and I will no longer be purchasing any more of your music nor will we be seeing anymore shows. I do not expect to get a response from you or anyone in the band. I bid you and the band adieu.

This was posted on Springsteen's website under his "Favorite correspondence."

I love it, and Bruce, I'll still listen to you and buy your albums.